What have we been working on?

No matter the challenge, we always deliver – and sometimes that means facing up to some pretty extraordinary hurdles along the way. The kinds of work you’ll always remember, because you’ll barely believe what you and your team achieved. Whether you’re applying as a graduate or as an apprentice, we think it’s fair to say you’ve never seen work quite like ours. Explore our case studies below to find out more about the wonderful world of Murphy:

The last thing you expect to find in the Channel Tunnel?

A 400,000-year-old elephant.

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Our teams are planting a habitat of seven million trees – all to protect the great crested newt.

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The most unusual obstacle in the £2.5m refurbishment of Reddish Viaduct?

A witch’s curse.

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Who lives in our newest five-star residential development?

The ladybirds and butterflies of Uffington Bridge.

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Butterflies and ladybirds residential